Summer in Rome 2012
Great Music

Concerts Rome Summer 2012It’s not just rock and pop, Rome’s summer will also features remarkable jazz, classical music and opera performances. It’s a really impressive list!

But let’s start from the pop, rock and punk stars, the international icons.

Madonna will be in Rome on June 12 in the Olympic stadium, Rome’s biggest arena, usually used as the football court of Rome’s top teams: Roma and Lazio.

Radiohead will play at the horse-race track of Capannelle on June 30 for the Rock in Roma Festival.

The same Festival will also feature the Cure on July 9.

And after this stunning trio, let’s see who else will please the crowds during the 2012 open-air concert season.

Meet In Town, the New Sound Festival with young and emerging talents, will unfold on June 8 & 9 in the Auditorium halls.

The Cranberries will be on stage on July 2 at the Auditorium.

The same venue will also host the Joan Baez on July 6 and another folk artist Patti Smith will play on July 20 there.

The day after Patti Smith it will be Alanis Morissette’s turn at Rome’s Auditorium.

The revival section will start on on July 18 with Duran Duran, who will also sing for the Olympic games opening ceremony, at Rome’s biggest tennis court for the Centrale Live Festival.

The Beach Boys band will follow on July 26 at Capannelle.

Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club on July 31 will be the last of the old glories concerts. Auditorium.

Going back to younger artists. The Italo-Scottish Paolo Nutini will be in Rome on July 16. Auditorium again.

The following day will see the talent of Lenny Kravitz at Capannelle.

James Morrison is announced for July 24 at Auditorium.

Another young talent, Damien Rice, will perform at Auditorium on July 30.

Two world jazz stars will also visit the Eternal City this summer: Pat Metheny and his guitar on July 14;

Keith Jarrett with the piano on the 29th. Both at Auditorium.

Classical music will see one of the top Italian piano talents, Giovanni Allevi on July 12 for Centrale Live.

Last but not least, opera. The Caracalla Festival, in the ancient Roman baths, begins on June 30. The key appointments are Aleksandr Nevskj on July 7, Bellini’s Norma from July 21 to August 7 and Verdi’s Attila from July 31 to August 7.

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June in Rome:
the top events in Italy’s Capital

June is one of the best times of the year to visit Rome: long, sunny days and absolutely everything up and running.

On June 29 we celebrate our patrons saint Peter and saint Paul but only offices are closed, all the rest is open as usual.

Let’s then have a quick glance at Rome’s top events and activities in June:

The month starts with a bout of nationalism. The military parade on June 2, when we celebrate the start of the Republic as a result of the decision taken by Italians in a referendum held in 1946.

And before that, from June 1, an International Air Show in Ostia with acrobatic crews from all over the world trying to “imitate” our unbeatable Frecce Tricolori.

June also marks the start of the summer and therefore of many outdoor events. First of all concerts (if you also want to know about July’s concerts, read this).

On June 12 Madonna will please the crowds in the Olympic Stadium.

On June 30 Radiohead will perform in the Capannelle horse track.

Another top-notch musician will be in Rome this month, but he belongs to the classical music scene. Pianist Lang Lang will play on June 19, 21 & 22 in the Auditorium.

On June 8 & 9 the electronic music festival Meet In Town will take place at the Auditorium.

The cinema event of June is the Cannes Preview happening on June 8-14. A few days after the end of the world’s most important movie festival you will be able to see the best films in original version with Italian subtitles in three movie theatres.

June should also mark the opening of four new underground stops in the northeastern part of the city, the so-called line B1. June 11 is supposed to be the day. Big event for this part of the town and for those of you who might want to stay in this nice residential area.

Nature lovers shouldn’t miss the Roseto Comunale, the Rose Garden, open until June 24. And it’s free!

The top destinations out of Rome are Genzano and Nemi in June. Genzano for its famous Infiorata, floating flower carpets covering roads and squares, on June 16-18. Nemi, instead, will host the region’s best Strawberry Fair on June 2-10.

Finally, on June 30 the Caracalla Festival begins. It is an opera and dance happening taking place in the fantastic setting of these ancient Roman baths.


If you want to know about other Exhibitions in Rome read this

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Concerto Primo Maggio 2012 Roma Piazza San Giovanni

Concerto Primo Maggio RomaConcerto Primo Maggio 2012
La Musica del desiderio – la speranza, la passione il futuro questo il tema del concertone del primo maggio edizione 2012 che, come ogni anno, interpreterà a suon di musica e rock la festa dei lavoratori.

Dalle 16.00 saliranno sul palco i big, un cast musicale davvero ricco, con alcuni nomi di spicco che si sono aggiunti all’ultimo momento. E’ notizia delle ultime ore infatti che saranno presenti anche i Subsonica, Elisa e gli Stomp, oltre ai già confermati Afterhours, Almamegretta, A67, A Toys Orchestra, Caparezza, Vittorio Cosma, Dente, Stefano Di Battista, Eugenio Finardi, Gnu Quartet, Gabriele Lopez, Alessandro Mannarino, ‘Nduccio, Nobraino, Noemi, P-Funking Band, Raiz, Marina Rei, Sud Sound System, Tarant Project, Teatro degli Orrori, Young The Giant, Nina Zilli.

Oltre alle band rock sul palco del primo maggio salirà sul palco di piazza San Giovanni anche l’orchestra Roma Sinfonietta, diretta dal maestro Mauro Pagani. Mauro Pagani nelle vesti di arrangiatore e direttore della resident band e dell’orchestra che accompagna 12 brani che hanno fatto la storia del rock, da Pink Floyd ai Led Zeppelin, passando per Elvis Presley, gli Who, i Beatles, i Rolling Stones, i Radiohead, rivisitati da altrettanti artisti italiani e film maker in una sintesi di suono e immagini.